Sunday, June 21, 2020

 This year's seed crops. Top photo: Hoeing beans, edamame and runner beans we are growing for Fedco Seeds and Fruition Seeds. Bottom photo: Zinnias we are growing for seed for Fruition Seeds in a hoophouse.
 This year's weird solanacea experiment: "litchi tomato" from Baker Creek Seeds.
Garlic scapes are tasty and fashionable.

Considering everything else that is depressing in the world right now, we were really hoping for a good growing season. Unfortunately that has not happened. After a bitter cold May now we are suffering drought conditions and have not gotten any rain in weeks. We are irrigating every day, but the crops still are not very happy. So we apologize for the lack of diversity in the shares and for the poor quality of some of the crops. Lets hope for some rain and look forward to a more bountiful harvest later in the summer.

Expected harvest for this week (choose 6 for small share, 8 for large share):
green beans?
Swiss chard
garlic scapes
pea shoots
baby kale
lettuce heads
lettuce mix
spicy mix
salad turnips
baby beets/beet greens
potatoes (from Silver Queen Farm - non-organic)
flour (from Farmer Ground Flour - organic)

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