Sunday, April 13, 2008

Spring Sounds

Despite the little bit of snow we had this morning, we know that spring is really here. The crocuses are blooming, we saw daffodils today (though our's are not yet open) and the forsythias will be blooming before we know it, hopefully in time for Saturday's first CSA event of the season.

We enjoy noting each sign of the arrival of Spring. Way back in mid-February, we saw the first few robins return from their winter spot. Then we begin planting seeds in the greenhouse, where the weather was definately spring-like. Next we began to see the lovely redwing blackbirds. And the same day in early March, we saw the snow and canada geese flying high over head to points farther north. Next we saw the brown-headed cowbirds. And then about two and half weeks ago, we heard the sound that makes us think we could almost be on the beach - the killdeer were back!

Early April brought snowdrop blossoms. And then we worried because we hadn't heard the spring peepers yet. Last year they started on March 27th. Maybe when our pond was cleaned out last fall they were all wiped out. We fretted, for we love the sound of those little peepers so much. And then on April 5th, there they were peeping their little hearts out! HOORAY! Just yesterday we noticed the grass is definitely green and growing. The apple trees are bursting bud and fuzzy little nobs are primed to form leaves and blossoms. And then we heard another sound that we always look forward to, the drumming of the ruffed grouse males back in the woods as they try to attract females to their breeding territory. The sound is like a distant helicopter taking off. We always pause to listen to it and it comes fairly often at this time of year. Those who are hear for Saturday's event are almost certain to hear it.