Saturday, June 13, 2020

 Second planting of cucumbers went in the ground today
 Happy kale
 Sweet potato slips arrived this week and were quickly planted. We had one bed last year and they were gone in about a week (to the CSA and farmers market, that is). So this year we planted 2.5 beds. Hopefully they are just as successful as last year.
 Whenever people pass by our farm in cars or on foot and they see us using this backpack sprayer, we assume that they assume we are spraying pesticides. But have no fear, Dominic is only spraying the plants with a kaolin clay solution - a protectant.

The rye and vetch this spring was the thickest and lushest we have ever seen. It was so tall and thick it had to be mowed with the tractor in 1st gear. Lots of great organic matter and nitrogen for our soil!

The irrigation system is fully set up and in use just about every morning and evening. Here's hoping for rain, though there is none in the forecast. Luckily, its not too hot!

Expected harvest for this week (choose 6 for small share, 8for large share):
garlic scapes
spring radishes
pea shoots
baby kale
lettuce heads
lettuce mix
spicy mix
baby salad turnips
baby beets/beet greens
potatoes (from Silver Queen Farm - non-organic)
flour (from Farmer Ground Flour - organic)

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