Saturday, May 30, 2020

 Recently sprouted potato plants exposed to light when we poked holes in the plastic
Yay tomatoes!

CSA update:
We recently learned that all parks in Elmira are closed. For this Monday at least we will not be able to have market and CSA distribution in Grove Park. Therefore, we have decided to delay the start of the CSA for those picking up in Elmira until next Monday. To make up for this we will be extending the CSA one week into November for those in Elmira.
Corning Farmers' Market is happening on schedule (first day of market and CSA in Corning is this Thursday). For those picking up on-farm, the CSA starts this Friday (pickup is from Noon til dark). Since the vegetables are in the cooler at the farm we will be sanitizing the door and other surfaces throughout the afternoon.
At market all customers will be required to wear masks. Please practice social distancing. Our plan at this time is to have one of our "staff" dedicated to selecting vegetables for you. This is per state requirements. We will be sanitizing surfaces throughout the day and we will have hand sanitizer available at market.

Expected harvest for this week (choose 5 for small share, 7 for large share):
spring radishes
pea shoots
baby kale
lettuce heads
lettuce mix
spicy mix
baby salad turnips
baby beets/beet greens
daikon radishes
poatoes (from Silver Queen Farm - non-organic)
flour (from Farmer Ground Flour - organic)
limited selection of garden transplants - let us know if you have requests

Saturday, May 9, 2020

 As if life wasn't crappy enough right now. This is coming from a lover of snow. This is probably the first time in my life I have cursed a snowfall. I will be checking the hoophouses soon to see if the ginger, tomatoes and beans survived the night.
 Our plant sale is still on today. And, incredibly, we have already had some customers. You all must be really hard up for some muddy fingers of your own in order to come out and shop for plants on a day like this! (This photo was taken a few days ago). If you miss today or your garden is not ready (for some strange reason) we will be open the next 3 Saturdays and we will be at the Ithaca Plant Sale on Sunday May 17 at the Ithaca Farmers' Market Pavilion.
These are beautiful almond blossoms that popped this past week. We are hopeful that all the fruit blossoms did not die last night. While the persistent cold weather is stunting our early crops and preventing us staying on schedule for planting, we are also thinking about our fruit growing friends right now and hoping they still have a crop this year.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Chickens enjoying the sunshine. They are scratching the manure we put around a just-planted Asian pear tree.

Tomatoes a couple weeks ago

Some of the first plants we put in the ground. They have been snowed on, but they are doing okay.
 Vegetables, Flowers and Herbs Plant Sale at Muddy Fingers Farm

 Muddy Fingers Farm will be having a plant sale on the farm starting May 9 and continuing every Saturday in May from 9AM to 3PM. Or contact us for an appointment to come shop on another day.
Contact us at 607-546-4535 or
We will also be at the Ithaca Plant Sale on Sunday May 17th 9AM to 2PM. It will be at the Ithaca Farmers' Market Pavilion this year.

Friday, January 31, 2020

Dear CSA members,

We are now accepting members for the 2020 CSA season. The membership form is available at the link on the right side of this page. We did not make any changes to the CSA this year: same format, same pickup locations and times, same price.
But we are constantly trying to figure how to become better farmers. That's one way to keep things interesting - always thinking about better, more efficient ways to run our farm. So we have been making changes to the farm - mostly small things at this point. The "list of things to do differently in 2020" that we made during the growing season last year includes some small things like: hill spinach beds, plant lettuce every week in smaller amounts, and grow more sweet potatoes. Some bigger items include: buy PTO-driven manure spreader (not sure if we can afford that one!), make hot-water heating system for the greenhouse (in process), and grow less pole beans for seed crop.
So after incorporating most of these changes already, making our seed order and our crop map we are just about ready for the coming growing season. We still have to finish our greenhouse heating project and we have some field cleanup left that is waiting for a couple warmish days (seems like there are plenty of those this winter, unfortunately!).
The winter CSA will be going through the end of February. Then we mostly take the month of March off before we get super busy with planting in April and May.

 Installing the tabletop pipes for the hot water heating system
 Some of your winter greens
Vegetable stacks in the cooler

Friday, January 17, 2020

Update for those who pick up their CSA share in Corning: we will not have a pick up this Saturday. While Liz and Matthew are away at a farming conference this weekend, we had arranged for someone to do the market for us. However considering the weather forecast and his illness, Muddy Fingers Farm will not be at the market on Saturday. Sorry about this. See you next Saturday. You are welcome to pick up your share on Sunday at the Chamberlain Acres market in Elmira.

Saturday, October 26, 2019

Last week of the summer CSA! Join us friday night November 1st for a potluck on the farm to celebrate the end of the season! Bring a dish to pass and one to eat from if you can and come see the farm in it's autumn splendor!  6 pm but come even if it'll be a little later. 

This week's corning market will be in the same park but vendors will be set up along the brick path to the fountain. (There was a mistake in applying for the permit to use the park and this the last week was not included. In order to use city property there needs to be a permit, confusing but look around, we'll only be 100 feet from where we normally are!) 

 mother ginger on the left, baby ginger on the right and topside, this year's ginger was smaller than usual.
 Parsnips loaded up for a restaurant order
 The fingerling potatoes say hello!

Thanks for joining us to eat through the seasons! Want to keep eating local food?  We have a fall and winter CSA that runs from November through March pickups available inside the information center in Corning on Saturdays 11-3 and at Chamberlain acres farmer's Market Sundays 11-3.

Your support of our farm means the world to us!  Thank you so much! If we don't see you this winter, we hope to see you next spring!
Liz and Matthew

Expected options (Small share choose 8, large share choose 10):

Daikon radishes
Watermelon radishes
Brussels sprouts
Baby Ginger
Baby turmeric
Butternut Squash
Hot Peppers
Sweet onions
Tomatoes maybe?
Spicy Mix
Lettuce Mix
Pea Shoots
Swiss chard

Sunday, October 20, 2019

 Its garlic-planting time. Matthew is placing the cloves near the holes in the weedmat and Liz is on the prone weeder planting them.

Some of the nice-looking celeriac awaiting harvest.

Radish stack.

Reminder: the CSA runs through the end of October. The Fall/Winter CSA begins the first week of November. Its not too late to sign up if you are interested.

Expected options (Small share choose 8, large share choose 10):

Spaghetti squash
Daikon radishes
Watermelon radishes
Brussels sprouts
Baby ginger
Baby turmeric
Sweet onions
Cherry tomatoes
Spicy mix
Lettuce mix
Swiss chard