Sunday, May 28, 2017

 Paraphernalia for submitting tomato leaf tests. This helps us know which nutrients to amend the soil or plants with to keep them growing well throughout the summer.
 Planting a tropical crop on a not-so-tropical day. This is turmeric which we are growing for the first time.

 Liz planting leeks. She is super-fast.
 Voles or mice destroying our eggplants again this year
Fire and water. Matthew flameweeding a parsnip bed while Liz waters.

Don't forget, the CSA begins next week starting Monday June 5. We will have lots of great spring crops.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

 Ahhh...remember when it was warm and sunny outside?
 Transplanted green beans for an extra early harvest (hopefully)
Weird solanaceas. This is a one of the 3 new-to-us, weird members of the tomato family that we have planted this year.

Well the rain and cold have us at a stand-still right now. We did get quite a bit planted already. We can only hope it doesn't all rot in the field. Not sure what we will have to offer for the CSA come the first week of June since nothing is really growing right now and the forecast doesn't look much better.