Sunday, June 28, 2020

 Fog rolling in over the tractor and onions
Pea and oat cover crop in Block 11

Well, we have had multiple rain storms this past week so things will start growing again. Of course, so will the weeds and grass! We look forward to a good, productive week with lots of hoeing, weeding, planting beets, carrots, lettuce and transplanting cabbage and winter squash. With temperatures in the 70s and occasional showers it should be a good week on a vegetable farm.

Expected harvest for this week (choose 6 for small share, 8 for large share):
green beans
Swiss chard
new potatoes
baby carrots
pea shoots
baby kale
lettuce heads
lettuce mix
spicy mix
salad turnips
flour (from Farmer Ground Flour - organic)

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