Sunday, July 26, 2020

 Spreading winter squash. The tetsukabuto squash take over the everything 20 feet in any direction.
 Just weeded ginger.

This been a sucky growing season (to be blunt) for us in the Finger Lakes. Hopefully, as CSA members you have not noticed this so much. We try to give priority to our CSA members. But our sales at farmers' markets have been down due to lack of selection and we have not had any vegetables available for our wholesale customers. Giving you our best selection is our way of saying "thank you" to our members, many of whom have supported us for many years.

Expected harvest for this week (choose 7 for small share, 9 for large share):
purple onions
baby leeks
cherry tomatoes
green beans
Swiss chard
new potatoes
baby carrots (maybe)
lettuce mix
spicy mix
flour (from Farmer Ground Flour - organic)

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