Sunday, July 19, 2020

 The garlic harvest has begun
 Cabbage worm on cabbage plant. Yesterday was hot and dry, but we transplanted cabbage and broccoli anyway.
 Dog days of summer. Luna and Liz on the prone weeder.
Freshly planted beds of carrots and beets.

This has turned out to be the worst growing season we have ever had. May was incredibly cold and prevented seeds from germinating - especially our early plantings of beets and carrots. We have had drought conditions in June and July. Now our pond is almost empty. So if you notice less selection in your CSA shares this year that is why.We have had several crops that have been almost complete failures. I guess after almost 20 years of farming we still have a lot to learn.

Expected harvest for this week (choose 7 for small share, 9 for large share):
purple onions
baby leeks
cherry tomatoes
green beans
Swiss chard
new potatoes
baby carrots (maybe)
lettuce mix
spicy mix
flour (from Farmer Ground Flour - organic)

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