Wednesday, June 5, 2013

available plants

Available Plants (can get as a share item for the first week)

Herbs parsley, basil and dill

pickling cucumbers

Slicing Tomatoes   Rose de Berne, taste test winner dark rose color
                               Garden Peach, fuzzy like a peach! Sweet for a tomato
                                         Green Zebra, green with yellow stripes medium size
                                         Paul Robeson, black heirloom tomato
                                         Goldie, large yellow beefsteak meaty texture

Cherry Tomatoes Sungold, orange and sweet
                            red cherry
                            Black cherry farmer favorite!
                            Yellow mini, prolific producer!
                            Snow white, very light yellow, nice flavor!

Paste tomatoes red or white

Peppers new ace- Green to Red Bell
                                    Golden Treasure, long pepper that turns brilliant orange     
                            Jimmy Nardello, sweet frying heirloom pepper

Hot peppers Jalapeno, habenero, cayenne

Yellow Onions

lettuce cut and come again style or head lettuce

eggplant long skinny asian eggplants or Rosa Bianca an italian heirloom

husk cherries and tomatillos


kale green curly and red russian heirloom


Beans Haircort verts fancy green beans

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