Sunday, June 23, 2013

As yet we have not had much to harvest, but almost every one of the 170 beds on the farm is planted. The only block that is unplanted at this point is the one that will be filled with winter squash and pumpkins this week. Two of the blocks are not planted with vegetables but some really nice, lush cover crop of oats, field peas and vetch. These will be mowed this week and incorporated into the soil to make way for our fall and winter crops which we will start to plant next month.
But most crops we are just waiting on and trying to keep the weeds at bay.
It looks like we'll have a few more things to harvest this week, though!

Choose 6:
spicy mix
baby beets/beet greens
lettuce heads
Swiss chard
a few zucchini
garlic scapes
new potatoes
green onions
a few peppers
also local, organic dry beans and flour

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