Sunday, December 30, 2012

This is the extension that we put on the overflow pipe in our pond. The pond's dike is currently about 3-4 ft higher than the level of the original overflow pipe. So we think it should be able to hold the almost 2 additional feet of water with the extension. This would be quite a bit more water that would be available for irrigation. Hope it holds! We had asked our neighbor to weld the extension on and he said he thought he had a pipe the right diameter, but he didn't. So this was an alternative solution. Corrugated drainage ditch pipe slid around the original pipe with cement poured in between.
You'll notice a few items that we have had available lately that are missing from the list this week. That is because these are crops that are out in the field covered with snow. These are: spinach, Brussels sprouts and cilantro
lettuce mix
spicy mix
onions (red and yellow)
winter squash - butternut, acorn, tetsakubota (big, gnarly and green)
celery root i.e. celeriac
mini cabbages, big cabbages, conehead cabbages, red cabbages, zebra-stripe cabbages (just kidding on the last one)
salad turnips - hakurei and red
watermelon radishes

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