Friday, January 31, 2020

Dear CSA members,

We are now accepting members for the 2020 CSA season. The membership form is available at the link on the right side of this page. We did not make any changes to the CSA this year: same format, same pickup locations and times, same price.
But we are constantly trying to figure how to become better farmers. That's one way to keep things interesting - always thinking about better, more efficient ways to run our farm. So we have been making changes to the farm - mostly small things at this point. The "list of things to do differently in 2020" that we made during the growing season last year includes some small things like: hill spinach beds, plant lettuce every week in smaller amounts, and grow more sweet potatoes. Some bigger items include: buy PTO-driven manure spreader (not sure if we can afford that one!), make hot-water heating system for the greenhouse (in process), and grow less pole beans for seed crop.
So after incorporating most of these changes already, making our seed order and our crop map we are just about ready for the coming growing season. We still have to finish our greenhouse heating project and we have some field cleanup left that is waiting for a couple warmish days (seems like there are plenty of those this winter, unfortunately!).
The winter CSA will be going through the end of February. Then we mostly take the month of March off before we get super busy with planting in April and May.

 Installing the tabletop pipes for the hot water heating system
 Some of your winter greens
Vegetable stacks in the cooler

Friday, January 17, 2020

Update for those who pick up their CSA share in Corning: we will not have a pick up this Saturday. While Liz and Matthew are away at a farming conference this weekend, we had arranged for someone to do the market for us. However considering the weather forecast and his illness, Muddy Fingers Farm will not be at the market on Saturday. Sorry about this. See you next Saturday. You are welcome to pick up your share on Sunday at the Chamberlain Acres market in Elmira.