Thursday, February 26, 2009

wramping up for the season!

first few trays of onions and leeks

the bee boxes against a perfect blue sky

mixing up potting mix

Thanks to all who have joined the CSA already! We are pleased each and every time we bring in the mail and recieve a membership form (and check)! As is our custom, we sent our membership forms to last years members about two weeks ago, and we are now readying our selves to send forms out to potential new members, we have our largest list ever with 50 people who were interested in learning more about the CSA!

We know that the winter is wearing thin and that springtime weather will be here before we know it. The signs are everywhere, in the last two weeks we have finished up our canned strawberries and peaches and so we are now really looking forward the season for local fruits to roll back around. There are some forsythia branches on our table that are about to burst into bloom, (we hope) as each day we see more of the yellow blossoms swelling out. The plants are started in the greenhouse and many more will be started in march and over then next few weeks. The garlic is well rooted and safe beneath a thick layer of hay mulch.

We've been busy looking for a new "used" truck and think that in the next week or so that we will buy one. We looked at a promising one today.

We are so pleased to have our three "working shares" from last season lined up to help us again! And are still looking for another few, so if you are interested, please be in touch.

things are going well as we get ready for a new season. Thanks for checking in!
liz and matthew