Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Snowy Seeding

Rabbit tracks

A couple shots of freshly planted beds and trays. Its always fun and reinvigorating to plant seeds when the snow is falling outside. And the smell of the earth, compost, peat moss and even horse manure in the greenhouse is intoxicating this time of year.

There's Liz at the highly successful Local Foods festival in Corning last Friday night. Thanks to those of you who came out to support local agriculture. Liz and I were both hoarse by the end of the evening from talking to so many people interested in the CSA over the rumble of the crowd!

Here is a photo of Liz on our "dune buggy"/cultivating tractor. We were getting it out to fit it with its cultivating equipment.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

what do farmer's do in the winter, anyway?

a common question. Obviously not write on blogs, sorry followers that its been so long.

This winter we have been doing the business end of farming. Lots of planning, plenty of reading, and we attended a conference to beef up our farming skills for next year. We have been doing a bunch of talkings and planning for changes, we will be simplifying our marketing schedule from five things a week (four markets and a CSA pickup) down to Four things a week- three markets and a CSA pickup (that we may try to build a new market around). We will make up for some of the lost income by growing the CSA up to 75 members, from 60 last year.
We are tweaking our crop rotation scheme and trying to work in some more cover crops into the mix. We have been reading about both soil health as well as caring for our orchard, which may begin to bear a little this year.

We have finished going to market one day a week as our supplies have finally run out.

but you can find us this friday at the local foods fest at the civic center in Corning from 5-8 PM.
We've sent out our CSA forms for the season with a more extensive letter to our members, if you haven't recieved yours yet, please let us know!
Thanks to those who have signed up already, they are coming in fast now~ so don't delay too long!

We are also fortunate to do a lot of playing in the winter! reading for fun, watching some movies, cross country skiing, ice skating, and this winter we are doing plenty of olypmics watching!

even playing a little badminton!

We hope you are enjoying your winter as much as we are, first seedings are in just a few weeks, so things will be rolling again here before too long!

Happy winter days, liz and matthew