Monday, April 23, 2012

Well I guess we've had spring and summer and now its back to winter!! I had to go shake the snow off the lilacs this morning to keep any more branches from breaking.
All of the young vegetables plants we have in the ground now should be okay though. They are all hardy and the snow will actually offer them some protection from the cold wind. And the tomatoes and cucumbers we transplanted in the hoophouse should be alive still (though not necessarily happy).

Thursday, April 12, 2012

We love our paper-pot transplanter (so far)

We got to try out our new paper-pot transplanter last weekend. It worked better than we even hoped it would. We planted beds of beets, spinach and lettuce very quickly!! You can see it in action at the following link, courtesy of Molly Shaw at Cooperative Extension.

The chickens moved outside to their permanent coop today. It was little on the chilly side, but they did not seem to mind. They seemed happy to have the space to roam. Pictures will follow.

I did our first weeding of the season - mostly quackgrass in a beet bed.

Our first CSA event of the season will be this Sunday. We will start with a potluck lunch here at 12:00, then head to the field to transplant probably chard, broccolis, cabbages and/or onions and also put more potatoes in the ground. Maybe it won't rain, but we actually could use the rain!! Go figure! Please call or email if you plan to come.

Also we moved our two goats out of the barn today. They now have plenty of tender young invasive honeysuckle leaves to eat rather just that boring old hay they've been eating all winter.