Friday, January 5, 2018

After a cold hike in the National Forest. The dogs are Gemini (left) and Luna (right). Gemini has a nice coat of fur, but Luna does not like this weather as she has very little fur. Unfortunately she hates wearing the coat Liz made for her. They both love running though, especially Luna.

Our new walk-ion cooler. Just this morning we moved our storage crops into our new cooler which is located...
 ...inside our new building. This photo is several weeks old. The building is now finished. We will move our old walk in cooler over to our new building next week so we will have 2 coolers now. The new building will house all of our vegetable washing and processing paraphernalia. Plus a bathroom. Those members who pick up their share on the farm will appreciate the lights now in the coolers.

Our seed orders have already been placed. These are the catalogues from we which we order. Maybe some of you are doing a similar job ordering seeds for your vegetable and flower gardens during these cold, snowy days.

Muddy Fingers Farm CSA
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