Tuesday, January 17, 2017

 During the spring, summer and fall we keep a list of things around the farm that we want to do differently in the future. Here is our list from last year.
 It was finally tunnel-moving time last week. We moved 4 tunnels! Moving the tunnels is good for the soil and helps with pest and disease build-up.
I snapped this other-wordly photo on an icy day a couple weeks ago

Last week Muddy Fingers Farm acquired a new resident. We got Luna (on the left) from Tompkins County SPCA. Long-time resident Gemini is on the right.
Luna is a little unsure about what to do about the chickens. But she seems like she is learning the rules of the farm very quickly and having a lot of fun, too.

We are ready to accept CSA shares for the coming season. Please print the form with link on the right side of this page. The price has increased slightly but nothing else has changed. Except that we are going to try to grow some unusual melons, okra and celery.