Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hello and holy cow!  Its hard to believe its here again!  Its time to start the CSA. Here we are for our 13th go around at farming.  We are so glad that you have joined us to eat your way through the seasons with us.  The CSA starts as Spring is winding down and just a few weeks remain until summer officially begins.  The first few weeks are filled with greens, the last few 2014 root crops, transplants, organic dry beans, and flour.  As the season unfolds, we'll get to summer crops like luscious tomatoes, peppers, zucchinis and cucumbers.  Eventually we'll blink and the fall crops will be filling our soup pots and roasting pans, and then those who continue into the Fall and Winter CSA will eat stored roots, cabbages, and hardy greens on through the late fall into the deep winter.  What a wonderful journey we plan for it to be!  Thanks for joining us!

Spring is a crazy time to be a farmer.  There are lots of plants to be put in the ground.Some like celeriac, parsnips, and leeks that won't be harvested until October, yet need to be put in now so that they have time to grow all summer long.  The funny thing is that the work depends totally on the weather, and so some years we have 5 weeks to do the work and some years 10 weeks to do the same jobs!  We find that it pays to be list lovers in the spring.  It helps to feel a deep satisfaction with crossing items off the list, since it can be quite long!

There are lots of things going on the farm this year, here's a snapshot.  Don't forget that you can subscribe to this blog (on the right of the screen), and it will be emailed straight to your inbox, whenever we post to the blog. 

On-farm trials to help Cooperative Extension understand how the devastating pest Swede Midge operates. This netting is covering broccoli, one of its favorite meals.
 Uh...whoops, didn't realize the soil was still too wet.
 First time using our new flail mower on a luscious stand of rye and vetch. It worked great grinding up the rye into small bits that won't get caught up in the rototiller. Unlike when we had to use the brushog which just left long stalks that bound up the rototiller. This takes longer to mow but the result is far superior.
These peppers were covered but that last frost (friday 5-22) still hit them pretty hard. We had replacement plants though.

Available for CSA this week (expected):

Basic Shares Choose 5, Deluxe Shares Choose 7:
hakurei turnips with greens
lettuce mix
lettuce heads
turnip raab
maybe spinach
vegetable transplants
dry beans

Monday, May 4, 2015

potluck at the farm May 10th 6 PM

HOLY COW, its spring!   Things at the farm a lovely right now!  there are lots of plants and seeds in the ground, the grass is greening up and growing, the cherry tree in our yard popped into full bloom today, and we hope by the weekend that the cherry trees in the orchard and the blueberries in our field will be likewise! 

We will be hosting a chance to come see the farm, SUNDAY MAY 10th  we will be having a potluck at 6 pm.  bring a dish to pass, and one to eat from if you can.  come see our baby chickens learn to enjoy the grass and insects, pet the goats, tour the fields, and stay till the peepers start calling!  it really is a great time of year to be on a farm! 

the CSA starts on June 1st, come see what's cooking up getting ready for that day! 
liz and matthew
come see how much these guys have grown since this photo was taken just a few weeks ago!