Wednesday, March 12, 2014

pre spring lifeline!

Watching the snow blow outside the window, hard to believe that just yesterday we had the greenhouse door thrown wide open, the tiny plants reaching for the sun, the two day old chicks peeping, pecking, and scampering like they do, and we had not a care in the world besides the mud on the way in the door! 

It looks like winter isn't quite done yet.  Every spring, we marvel at how lovely it is to be transported ahead in the season just by walking under a piece of plastic stretched tight over metal bows.  You are cordially invited, friend of muddy fingers farm, to come see the arrival of spring ahead of out door time.  The tables are starting to fill up with trays of the cutest teeniest plants, and right now, this year's egg laying flock are at their just darn cutest!  Come by anytime on your own by arranging with us, or come on sunday the 16th from 2-4 and fill your senses up with the smell of warmed up soil, the sight of the seed leaves of your food plants, and the hilarious antics of week old chicks! 

we'll provide snacks if we know that you are coming! 
liz and matthew