Monday, April 16, 2018

 We still only have photos of cute little plants growing inside. Because of the weather we are quickly falling behind on our planting schedule. Usually we would be tilling the soil and planting outside. The week's forecast does not look promising - cold and rainy. We will try to enjoy some time off though!
 Last year we lost many crops and thousands of dollars to crops getting flooded by too much rainwater coming off the sides of our hoophouses. We had never had the problem before but it was a very wet spring last year. So this year we bought a bunch of aluminum gutters and 4 inch drain pipe. We connected them all underneath the sides of the tunnels and the drain pipe carries the rainwater away towards the hedgerows. They are easy to install (and remove once the weather dries up??!!) They were working great this morning!
We are taking a breather as all the essential items have been crossed off of our To Do list.

Please don't forget:
Barn-warming Party/Plant Sale 
Muddy Fingers Farm
Party: 2:00-5:00; Plant Sale: 9:00-5:00

We will have lots of Spring vegetable and flower plants for your early garden (we know there are lots of people out there who are anxious for some warmer weather so they can get their fingers muddy).
And the current forecast for Saturday? 50 degrees and sunny!
***Free dozen eggs if you sign up for a CSA share this Saturday***

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