Sunday, October 1, 2017

Our new Fall/Winter CSA form is available at the link on the right side of this page. We have changed the format of our Fall/Winter CSA from what we have had. It now will work more like our regular season CSA. The price for one share is $280 and will consist of 6 items every week. The season will run from November through February. A list of expected vegetables can be found on the form. We made the change because we found ourselves to be unreliable at keeping track of everyone's balance (we maybe good farmer's but neither or us would make a good accountant!), also, now that we have a weekly market, it won't be such a big hassle if the market is closed due to weather.  In the past when market was only every two weeks, if market was closed due to bad weather, it would have been three weeks without a chance to get your share!  If we miss a week this year, it will be much more manageable to get a double share the next week!!

Here's something brand new!!  We've noticed once the school year starts and people's summer schedules change, that sometimes the market can get forgotten about!  So, we are introducing a new app called FarmFan. It will allow us to communicate with you on market day by text message to give you the latest information about what will be at the market that day.  Also with the indoor markets coming up, if there is a problem that would cause the market to close (such as bad weather), we will be touch through this text message so we can save you the time of coming down to the market.

Once you sign up, you'll get a jolly little text from us an hour before market starts telling you what's new at market and just reminding you that we'll be there.  Occasionally, the update may also include specials that are available only to FarmFans! You may of course unsubscribe at any time, by responding STOP or UNSUBSCRIBE to any text message you receive from us.  And we won't flood you with texts, sell your info, send you unrelated nonsense or anything like that!

To sign up to get a text message reminder from us an hour before market, go to

We love growing food to feed our community and its you showing up at market and buying our veggies that keeps us in business, from the bottom of our hearts, truly thank you for supporting our business!

liz and matthew

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