Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Hoophouse construction invitation Sunday March 6 1:00 pm

Our new hoophouses in pieces.
We will be constructing our new hoophouses on Sunday afternoon March 6. We will start around 1:00 though you are welcome to show up later if you need. The weather looks relatively mild at this time.We anticipate spending a few hours on construction. We will have dinner prepared for anyone who would like to stay afterward. If you would like to come help, please, please, please RSVP and give us an idea on what time you plan to arrive. Thanks 

Hooray, we finally had drainage installed in our fields a couple weeks ago and while it created quite a mess we are hopefully it will help our vegetables grow more happily.

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HOLD FAST said...

We are a small market farm (1 acre) starting up in Nogal, NM (elevation 6,500ft) and admire the hoophouse you installed. Would you please let me know the name of the manufacturer as we are having trouble finding it on the internet. Dena (Coelho Natural Farm)