Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Friday 2-7 pickup
Choose 7 items:
watermelon radishes (~1 lb.)
daikon radishes (~1 lb.)
acorn or carnival squash (1)
tetsukabuto squash
garlic (2) 
onions (2)
shallots (~1/2 lb.)
leeks (2)
beets (~1 lb.)
sweet turnips (~1 lb.)
rutabagas (~1 lb.)

black beans
kidney beans 
sorry no flour this week

We do apologize for not having a better supply of salad greens this winter. We certainly wanted to have a better supply of greens in the hoophouses, but with everything we had to do in September and October we were unable to get the summer crops cleaned out in time to plant winter greens. We will try to make sure we do better this fall getting greens planted in a timely manner.
Please note our 2014 June-October CSA membership information is now posted in the links on the right side of this page. You may download, print, and fill out the form them return to us with your check if you'd like to join.

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